The Internet's been around for a hot minute... a blip in time for humanity. But with all our sophistication, knowledge & power, it feels like we rarely get the chance to hang back and reflect on our progress. Denying, ignoring or minimizing the effects and impacts of our use of technology won't change the real facts. However knowing the facts, working together to co-witness, self monitor while building peer accountability and trust could help us really get there... if there is a there to get.

We are all just making up the story as we go,

we are all just trying to live within the flow,

If we begin driven from a place of indecision,

we are just one step away from being bed ridden.

- A.I. Heeds

The What

What is a digital detox?

The Why

Why do you need one?

The How

How will you do this successfully?

Hi, I’m Ayla Heeds

A teacher, a writer, a poet, a speaker and a facilitator, I'm coming at this work as someone who has engaged extensively online while also keeping it real in the physical.