What you may get out of this course

Does your spirit crave freedom, and also connection?

Grounded travel?

Real world skills that also make the best use of incredibly advanced technology? A life lead by design?

With this course I hope to

A - Introduce you to the impacts of our hyper-digital world

B - Excite you to use journaling as a self-transformation tool

C - Interest you in non-screen based activities

D - Help you learn to recognize warning signs of the dangers of technology

E - Celebrate and communicate about your experience online

F - Reach new goals on and offline!

I see you seeing me

we know this has all happened fast, from getting online the first time, googling, emailing, posting & chatting, we went to scheduling, liking, sharing, following, shopping & creating videos, integrated experiences and of course, apps. Being an influencer became the new Hollywood star wanna be syndrome.

Why I choose to focus on Digital Detox

This has been an interesting journey, I got here because I've been fascinated with what motivates change and specifically what could motivate the change we need in ourselves to nurture the potential we have to solve our current problems.

I realized that our current obsession with getting everything super connected & digitized was leaving holes in everything from our infrastructure security, our personal well being to our very survival, how equitable it could be and how ethical it isn't.

I further hypothesized that each of us could play a role in detangling ourselves from the web, re-establishing analog systems of supply, communication and expression.

The Gadgets, the gaming, drones & energy draining...

Data bandwith, new frequencies, eye sore cell towers, audio surveying ... from robot cops to self checkout, are we ready for automation?

a thumb bends to click a button on a camera with a laptop in the background
Tension, carpel tunnel and persistent use injuries

The effect on health, the effect on our posture, the effect on our eyes, the effect on our middle, we don't think about the lifestyle we are getting into, always in the café...

a slider board reflects the sky in its screen
Where is your attention in this attention economy? And where is your creativity when creativity is the top sought after skill...

Let's find out what you want to do.

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Your Tech, Your Rules, right?

Maybe, maybe not.